The Hands Free Kit That Allows You To Drive And Talk

Have you heard of the Jupiter Jack? Well, it is a plastic device that will allow you to make phone calls when you are driving your car and that too without having to use your cellular phone at all. This hands free kit has become a necessity as there is a ban on the use of cellular phones in the car. If you think this device is something like the MagicJack then you are mistaken. The latter allows you to make calls for free via the internet but the former is different.


This Jupiter Jack System device is a small super device that will allow you to transmit your voice call via the speaker of the phone. It is indeed a great concept and has found several takers.


The hands free kit works well and supports all cellular phones available in the market today. Even if you are using an iPhone or any high end Smartphone then too you can easily use this device. You will find three attachments in this device and you can fit your phone accordingly. After you attach your phone all you will have to do is tune in. And then you can easily make and take calls. Some people complained about how the device worked only on one frequency and how difficult it was to tune it. The makers took note of this and came up with another frequency.


Ever wondered why it is always called the cheap Jupiter Jack? Well that’s because you can get 2 for just $20.

Jupiter Jack System Videos: